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Entry of Appearance and Waiver Form

This form is used for the Respondent (the person not filing the case) to enter his or her appearance and waive any further notice in the case. It allows the Petitioner to go to Court, file the Entry with the Court, pay the Respondent's filing fee, and then have the dissolution completed and the Final Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage entered without the Respondent physically appearing in Court. The filing for Respondent must be paid when filing this form. It need also be notarized. Check with your local Circuit Clerk for the cost of the filing fee for the Respondent's Entry of Appearance. Each County has a different filing fee amount.

These forms are Word documents that are protected to fill in the forms. Once you fill in a variable, hit the Tab key to move to the next variable. For each variable to fill in, there should be a help menu (push F1 Key) assisting you in filling in that specific variable. Once all of the variables have been completed, un-protect the document (in Review Tab) to make final editing changes for the final version.


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